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Moon Viewing (Tsukimi)  
15th of August by Luna calendar

Full moon in Tama city

Tsukimi(Moon Viewing)
   We japanese celebrate the full moon on 15th August by the luna calendar (it actually comes around 15th of September). Dumplings made from rice are offered to the Full Moon with eulalia.*1
   It is thought a event for praying the rich harvest of rice. The full moon in the clear autumn sky appears especially beautiful.
   And the moon hidden slightly by thin cloud is also elegant.*2
           In my infant days, we are told, a rabbit lives in the moon and he makes rice dumplings at the time of full moon. So we stared into the moon to find the rabbit using wooden large hammer. Grown-ups say "There, there he is!" And then we paid best effort for finding him.*3
The moon in KyotoThese pictures in this page was brought from following URLs


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  (leads to english page)

The last one:http://www.tabit.ne.jp/jyoho/kyoto/tukimi.htm. Now the link was lost.(04/Feb/17)