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Sounds of nature

The sound of "silence"
    Did you hear the sound of "silence"? At a concert, appearing the conductor, soumeone "shush" and the audience are got shushed. In japan soumeone say "shii" and the audience become "shiin". The english "shush" and japanese "shii" are actually the same sound. In japan the silence is heard as "shiin".
    The snow fall makes no sound. But japanese says the strong snow fall, "snow is falling shin shin", and the weak snow fall "chira chira".
    If a man is working keeping silence, he is working "mokumoku".
    If a petal of a flower falls silently, it falls "harari" at the instant of falling and then falls down dancing "hira hira".    The floor was "shiin" with no sound. It was "shiin" around there with no sound.

Sound of lights
    Stars twinkle "kira kira".
    The lighting sparkled "PIKA tt" near here.
    The lighting sparkled "pikari" far away.
    The lighting sounded "goro goro".
    A new car shines "pika pika".
    The sun shines "san san" in a pleasant morning.
    The moon shines "koh koh" in her full brightness.
    The ripples shines "gira gira" in the light of sunrise.

Sound of wind
    The wind in early summer blow my cheeks "soyo soyo" comfortably.
    The cold wind blew "byuu byuu" or "pyuu pyuu".
    A sudden wind blew "PYUU".

Sound of wind in woods
    A weak wind in woods sounds "saya saya".
    A mild wind in woods sounds "sawa sawa".
    A strong wind in woods sounds "zawa zawa".

Sound of water and liquid
    The water fall falls "goh goh".
    The flow of big river flows "toh toh".
    The clean water in a brook flows "sara sara".
    The scarce water in a brook flows "choro choro".
    It is raining "shito shito" softly.
    It is beginning raining "potsun potsun" softly.
    It is raining "zaa zaa" strongly or "jaa jaa".
    Water drips falls "potari potari" or "pota pota" more continuously.
    I was soaked "bisho bisho" or "bisshori" to the skin.
    Walking on a water "bisho bisho" soaked carpet make me feel "jyuku jyuku".
    I walked "bisha bisha" on watery road surface.
    This water is "doro doro" muddy.
    I walked "bicha bicha" on muddy ground.
    This mud is "becha becha" or "pecha pecha" sticky.
    This slurry is "necha necha" more sticky and adhesive.
    This slurry escapes "nyuru nyuru" from grasping hand.
    I walked "basha basha" through shallow water.
    A baby is playing "bacha bacha" in the bath.

Sound of moist
    The skin of a baby is "shittori" pleasantly moisty.
    A sweated shirt is "jittori" unpleasantly moisty.
    In rainy season, everything get "jito jito" unpleasantly moisty.

Sound of heat and fire New
    The fire is burning "kan kan" very hot.
    The sun is shining "kan kan" in full strength.
    The fire is flaring "mera mera".
    The prairy caught fire and burning "boh boh".
    The hause caught fire and burning "goh goh".
    The forest caught fire and burning "boh boh" from a far sight.
    The forest caught fire and burning "goh goh" from a near sight.
    At last the wood caught fire and burned "chiro chiro" with very small flare
      and then burned "boh boh" with fairy large flare
      and now burning "goh goh" with very large flare.