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How Japanese be angry?
    The words for angry in japanese language are basically only one "okoru" "okoru" by kun-yomi: traditional japanese, "do" by (on-yomi: ancient chinese pronunciation. On the contrary, english language has a lot of vocabulary of laugh, angry, choleric, heated, guffaw, indignant, chuckle, irate, rampant, riley, roily, simper,     There are many a echo words or onomatopoeia to assist the word for angry. The use of echo words may be primitive. But if we lack these, Japanese language will become poor in expression.

    There are two types of echo words. The first ones are the word really intended to simulate the sound. Typical sound of laughter is "Ha! ha! ha!". This is the first type. The second ones are the words intended to simulate the sound feeling-wise. The clean water in a stream flows "sarasara". The stream do not sound like this or even not audible. A butterfly flies "hirahira". A drunken man walks "furafura". Today I worked too hard, now I am "furafura". These are the second type. Often the difference between the first type and the second type is subtle. So, here I treat them equally.

Now, how japanese be angry?

kan kanMother is "Kan Kan" burned at my miaxhief.
"kan Kan" is used more for the heat.
Probably Anger and Heat of Fire are similar in other language I suppose.
butsu butsuHe is complaing "butsu butsu" about the boring works in absence of the supervisor.
"butsu butsu" is more used for uncomfortable blotches or pimples.
He has ugly "butsu butsu" pimples in all of his face.
boo booHe complains "boo boo" about the boring works in front of the superviser.
In japan pigs are thought to oink "boo boo".
KIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiMother and Father were disputing "gyah gyah" fiercely. At last mother cried "KIIIIIIiiiiiiiii" and everything is over. Sometimes a sound of "Gachahhn" or "Chariin" is heard in the kitchen where a dish plate is crushed to the floor.
My wife says, she is always preparing a dish to be wasted for this purpose.
The lecture of the boss full of self-satisfaction made all feel "muka-muka" as if they ate rotten eggs and feeling "muka-muka" in the stomach.
I felt "mukaahhhh" when he laughed at my stygma which I like the least to be touched.
pipri-piriThis morning the boss is "piri piri" in bad temper making everybody in "piri piri" uneasy. Probably he had been defeated at a quarrel with his wife.
"piri piri" is originally the word for hot taste. This tabasco-dressing is extremely "piri-piri" hot.
She is "pun-pun" angry because her husband did'nt notice her new hair style.
Usually the "pun pun" angriness of girls are cute. The "pun pun" of a gentleman is rather ridiculous. If she is in "buri-buri" mood she is fury similar to "piri piri" she mention and appeal her anger..