If you like to write your name in kanji (chinese letter), this series of pages can be your help.
    If you are lucky enough, you will find your name in the examples prepared here. Clicking the first sound of your name from above, the examples are shown here. Even if you can not find your name, you can get hints for finding proper kanji to be used. Or you can go to the page for "Find Kanji from sound".
    Kanjis of having good meaning are selected as far as possible. But there are some difficulties. Some sounds do not exist in Japanese language resulting no Kanjis for those sounds. Typically Japanese language do not have words that have "p" sound at the beginning. For female name and male names, I chose somewhat different kanjis. In case of female names, kanjis of having beautiful or tender meaning were selected as far as possible. For male names, kanjis of having image of strength were selected.
    In Kanji system, differently from "hiragana" or "katakana" system, no for long vowel exist. Therefore, when long vowels are to be used, one solution is neglect long vowel and the other is insert a kanji of vowel sound after previous Kanji that has same vowel. In this Examples of names in kanji (chinese letter), the latter solution is used but they are sometimes tedious.

    From the time when I wrote the page for "How to write englishi name with "katakana", I was thinking about composing this page. But it seemed very difficult. Really it was very difficult.
    Please remember, Kanjis are used in China and Korea too but the pronunciation for each kanji is considerably different though similarity can be seen. Sometimes the your name written in kanji (chinese letter) will be pronounced quite differently.

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