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In Japanese: prefecture=ken, county=gun, ward=ku, town=machiorchoh, village=mura
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[Oh-ita prefecture (Chinese, Korean)]
[Oh-ita city (Chinese, Korean)],[Beppu city (Chinese,Italian, Korean)],[Bungo-Ohno city],[BungoTakada city],[Hita city],[Kitsuki city],[Kunisaki city],[Nakatsu city],[Saiki city],[Taketa city],[Tsukumi city],[Usa city],[Usuki city],[Yufu city (Chinese, Korean)]
Hayami county_[Hiji town],[ex-Yamaga town]
HigashiKunisaki county
  [ex-Aki town],[Himeshima village],[ex-Kunimi town],[ex-Kunisaki town],[ex-Musashi town]
Hita county
  [ex-Amagase town],[ex-KamiTsue village],[ex-MaeTsue village],[ex-NakaTsue village],[ex-Oh-yama town]
ex-MinamiAmabe county
  [ex-Honjoh village],[ex-Kamae town],[ex-Kamiura town],[ex-Naokawa town],[ex-Tsurumi town],[ex-Ume town],[ex-Yayoi town],[ex-Yonohzu village]
ex-KitaAmabe county_[ex-Saganoseki town]
Kusu county_[Kokonoe town],[Kusu town]
Naoiri county_[ex-Kujuh town],[ex-Naoiri town],[ex-Ogi town]
ex-NishiKunisaki county_[ex-Kakaji town],[ex-Matama town],[ex-Ohta village]
ex-Oh-ita county
  [ex-Hasama town],[ex-Notsuhara town],[ex-Shohnai town],[ex-Yufuin town]
ex-Ohno county
  [ex-Asaji town],[ex-Chitose village],[ex-inukai town],[ex-Kiyokawa village],[ex-Mie town],[ex-Notsu town],[ex-Ogata town],[ex-Ohno town]
ex-Shimoge county
  [ex-Hon-Yabakei town],[ex-Sankoh village],[ex-Yabakei town],[ex-Yamakuni town]
Usa county_[ex-Ajimu town],[ex-in-nai town]

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