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In Japanese: prefecture=ken, county=gun, ward=ku, town=machiorchoh, village=mura
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[Miyazaki prefecture (Chinese French Korean Spanish)]
[Miyazaki city (Chinese, Korean)],[Ebino city],[Hyuhga city],[Kobayashi city],[Kushima city],[Miyakonojoh city (Chinese, Mongolian)],[Nichinan city],[Nobeoka city],[Saito city]
HigashiMorokata county_[Aya town],[Kunitomi town],[ex-Takaoka town]
HigashiUsuki county
  [Kadogawa town],[ex-Kitagawa town],[ex-Kitagoh village],[ex-Kitakata town],[ex-Kitaura town],[Misato town (Chinese, Korean)],[Morotsuka village],[ex-Nangoh village][ex-Saigoh village],[Shiiba village],[ex-Tohgoh town]
KitaMorokata county
  [Mimata town],[ex-Takajoh town],[ex-Takazaki town],[ex-Yamada town],[ex-Yamanokuchi town]
Koyu county
  [Kawaminami town],[Kijoh town],[NishiMera village][Shintomi town],[Takanabe town],[Tsuno town],
MinamiNaka county_[ex-Kitagoh town],[ex-Nangoh town]
Miyazaki county_[ex-Kiyotake town],[ex-Sadowara town],[ex-Tano town]
NishiMorokata county_[ex-Nojiri town],[ex-Suki village],[Takaharu town]
NishiUsuki county_[Gokase town],[Hinokage town],[Takachiho town]

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