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The access analysis of the Home Page of WatanabeSato and Fuzita's site

  According to the retirement of the author of Japanesse Culture for foreigners, World Culture for Japanese and some other contents were were rlocated to the site of the author himself from April 2008.

The access history of the Fujita's site

As to the accesses before the April of 2008, the contents that were ought to be the ones of Fuzita's site are treated as Fuzita's site.
The old version of "Small Construction Dictionary" was relocated to Fuzita's site in the name of "Old Construction Dictionary".
The accesses to Watanbesato's site is decreasing rapidly, probably because the new edition of "Small Construction Dictionary" is not well known to the public. The old "Small Construction Dictionary" was transfered to Fuzita's site. The accesses to Fuzita's site is increasing accordingly.
The accesses to Japanese Culture and World Culture are decreasing. Probably the appearances of more interactive sites such as SNS or Twitters explains the decrease. Visitors like to not only viewing the contents but also like to have discussions instantly or directly.

Ranking by countries regarding file views in February of 2016 at Fuzita Site
  The pages for japanese culuture were relocatet to Fuzita site from WatanabeSato site. Accordingly the access from foreign countries concentrate in Fuzita's site. The below is the Result of Fuzita's site.
  Remarkable are Philipine coming up to 4th pushing away Canada, and Russia coming up to 7th (formerly around 50th). Probably the plenitude of Google translating service accounts for the increase of accesses from Russia.
2European Union6705242Nepal16182Pakistan22122Brunei Darussalam2
3Germany3879543Georgia Republic15483Lithuania18123Curaćao1
4Korea1105444Portugal14684Tuvalu15124Saint Martin1
5Switzerland737645Romania14685El Salvador14125Uruguay1
6Australia549246New Zealand13886Guatemala13126Costa Rica1
12United Kingdom177152British Indian Ocean Territory10592Jordan9132Oman1
13Malaysia169653Sri Lanka9493Papua New Guinea9133Tunisia1
14Benin164354Republic of Srpska9394Senegal8134Ethiopia1
16France141156Qatar8796Uzbekistan7136Cote d'Ivoire1
18Singapore134758Slovakia8398Solomon Islands6138Madagascar1
19India130959Bulgaria8299Puerto Rico(US)5139Northern Mariana Isl.1
20Netherlands107860Dominica Republic80100Syria5140Aruba0
22Tokelau92762Kazakhstan74102Nigeria5142St.Kitts Nevis0
23Norway77063Guam (US)73103Mauritius5143Turks & Caicos Isl.0
24Spain71164South Africa70104Maldives5144Dominica0
27Mexico52967United Arab Emirates61107Honduras4147Barbados0
29Vietnam36769Venezuela53109Bosnia-Herzegovina4149Saint Lucia0
30Czech Republic33770Denmark53110Tanzania4150British Virgin Islands0
31Fiji33271Bolivia48111Myanmar4151Virgin Islands (USA)0
33Taiwan27173Kirghiz Republic46113Macau3153Grenada0
35Hong Kong24475Egypt41115Albania2155Netherlands Antilles0
37Sweden21377Panama32117Azerbaijan2157Antigua and Barbuda0
38Poland18378Belarus31118Bahrain2158Trinidad & Tobago0
39Saudi Arabia18079Laos30119Republic of Mali2159Reunion0
40Peru17280Mozambique25120Gabon2160Cayman Islands0

Share of Search Engines in February of 2016

Accesses to WatanabeSato (page view)

Accesses to Fuzita's site

Yahoo allied with MSN (Bing) as to the data base except in Japan. In Japan Yahoo allied with Google as to the data base. These alliances are both getting remarkable success. The results show the poor data base technology of Yahoo and the excellent displaying technology of Yahoo. MSN (Bing) seems to have very poor data displaying technology.
Ā@The translation between japanese and other languages are still awfully miserable though japanese-Korean and japanese-Chinese are fairly used. The difficulty of translation of japanese is that in japanese grammer, the subject word is not the must and sentences without the subject word are very common.
As a result of unification of MSN (Bing) and Yahoo, Yahoo is recovering the share. In Japan, Yahoo decided to adopt the Google data. The recent tactic of Yahoo is showing apparent gain in share.
The share of browsers varies according to the contents of the site. Watanabesato's site has no english content though some visitors access to the pages of japansed culture which wwre transfered to Fuzita's site as a result of the retirement of the author. In Japan, Yahoo Search Engine is said to have the share. The share of Yahoo at Watanabesoto's site is about 50% probably influenced by the access to former now non-existing japanese cuture pages.
Fuzita's site has the pages of japanese culture. As a result, 50% or more of accesses are from foreign countries. This explains the less share of Yahoo search engine.

Share of Browsers in February of 2016

WatanabeSato Site (based on file views)

Fuzita's site (based on file views)

*In both of Netscape, Explorer 3.x includes lower versions. Explorer 6.x includes 7.x an 8.x (recently observed)
  Among browsers, the trend of share among browsers was analyzed.
  IE7 japanese edition was released in November 2006. The share of IE7 is increasing duely but dull. Strange is the fact that the share of share of total IE is slightly decreasing nevertheless the increase of IE7.
Now IE8 has become the mainstream of IE and IE9 can not be neglected. Formerly IE8 and IE9 were included in IE7 in this analysis here. From July 2011 they were separated. Firefox is filling the loss of IE.Probably the users do not need further functional upgrade from Explorer 6.x. Now Safari aquired a firm base. Safari includes iPhone and iPad. The share increase of Explorer 7.x is dull. Chrome and Safari are similar as to HTML browsing method. Until May 2011 Chrome and Safari were not discriminated. Now the Chrome of Google is becoming the strongest competitor against the Explorer of Microsoft.
  The decrease of Explorer 7.x in WatanabeSato may be explained the conservative tendency of japanese people that as far as they are fairly content with present browser, they are reluctant to upgrade to new edition nor try and change to other browsers.
  As a result of the transferring the "Construction dictionary" to Fuzita's site, the share of Explorer is increasing in Fuzita's site.   The difference of share of browsers between Watanabesato's site and Fuzita's site is explained also by the difference of contents as in the case of Search engines.

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